Learn the Crochet Chain

Lesson #5

When you're new to crochet... the crochet chain is the first stitch you need to learn when starting your very first project.

The reason for this is because the chain stitch is the foundation for crochet, and almost every pattern begins with a chain stitch.

In fact the chain, or chain stitch is technically called a foundation chain, although many beginners to crochet don't realize this yet!

But now that you know the word foundation chain is the correct crochet terminology, you will now be able to identify what patterns and fellow crochet friends are talking about in the future!

 Right Hand: Crochet Video Tutorial 

 Left Hand: Crochet Video Tutorial 

How to Make the Crochet Chain 

 (Foundation Chain) 

The Steps:

Step 1: Make a slip knot. (see Lesson #4 "Make a Crochet Slip Knot" for further review of the slip knot)

Step 2: Place the slip knot onto the hook.

The picture below is showing Step #2: The slip knot placement on the hook.

Left Hand Crochet Pictures

Right Hand Crochet Pictures

Step 3: Yarn Over... yarn over is a term all crocheters use, and it is an important term to know because it is the first movement you make to the yarn with your hook before creating any type of crochet stitch - this includes the crochet chain.

 How to Yarn Over 

Yarn Over is very simple: All you do is wrap the yarn over your hook from back to front, or in other words push the yarn away from your hook before grabbing hold of it with the hook's throat.

Yarn Over is abbreviated (yo). This will become more important to you when you start reading patterns.

The Picture below is showing Step #3: What yarn over looks like.

Step 4: Rotate the hook until it is facing down, or toward the slip knot.

The picture below is showing Step #4: Rotate the hook down.

Step 5: Pull the yarn through the loop the on your hook, and this creates the first chain.

Chain is abbreviated (ch)... Again this will become more important when you begin reading patterns.

The pictures below show Step #5: Pull the yarn through the loop.

To create more chains continue this process by using the yarn over, and pull through the loop techniques. Keep going until your desired chain length is accomplished.

Chaining Tips 

Tip 1: As the crochet chain (foundation chain) gets longer continue to move you fingers up the chain to keep control.

Tip 2: Each chain should be the same size, so make sure your tension on the yarn is the same for every chain you make.

Tip 3: If your stitches are tight and you find that you can't pull the hook through the stitch... you need to relax your hands more.

Tip 4: If your stitches are loose, make sure your grip on the yarn and hook is little tighter... you may also want to bring your yarn hand and hook hand closer together to shorten the distance between both hands.

 Counting Chain Stitches 

When you have finished your chain... you may not be sure how many chain stitches you've just created.

Start by counting the first stitch that is right underneath the loop on your hook, and continue by counting the "V" shaped stitches all the way to the beginning of your chain.

Here is a Tip for Counting Stitches:

Never count the loop that is still on your hook when counting your stitches, and never count the slip knot.

In the image below notice how each chain looks like the letter "V".

 Lesson #5 Homework 

Before moving on to lesson #6... I am going to have you chain 30!!! After you chain 30, count each chain to make sure your stitches are correct. Now get excited because you are going to start your very first crocheted project in the next lesson!!!

Please join me for Lesson #6: "Learn the Single Crochet Stitch"

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