Crochet Cluster Stitch

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The crochet cluster stitch is made by working a group of incomplete stitches into the same stitch, or by working the incomplete stitches into several stitches on the same row. After you finish crocheting the partial stitches you will then close the stitch by pulling the yarn through all of the loops that are remaining on the hook.

Don't worry if this explanation does not make sense to you right now. You will understand the cluster stitch more once you follow the instructions below or watch the video tutorial. ~ Scroll down to watch the video tutorial ~

 Right Hand: Crochet Video Tutorial 

 Left Hand: Crochet Video Tutorial 

I have seen the cluster stitch abbreviated in three different ways... (CL), (cs), or (cluster).  Keep in mind that every crochet designer has their own way of abbreviating this stitch, and each designer should have the abbreviation with a set of instructions on their pattern.

Tip: Every pattern will use this stitch a little differently.

The video tutorial will demonstrate the two most common ways of how to crochet the cluster stitch.

 How to Make the Cluster Stitch 

Step 1: Yarn over the hook, (yo).

Tip: It is common practice to skip the next chain or stitch when making a crochet cluster stitch. However, every crochet pattern is different.

Step 2: Insert the hook into the second chain or stitch from your hook.

Step 3: Yarn over the hook, (yo). 

Step 4: Pull or draw the yarn through the chain or stitch. There will now be 3 loops on your hook. 

Step 5: Yarn over the hook, (yo).

Step 6: Pull the yarn through the first 2 loops on your hook. There will now be 2 loops on your hook.

Step 7: Yarn over the hook, (yo).

Tip: Do not complete this stitch as a double crochet.

Step 8: Insert the hook into the same chain or stitch.

Step 9: Yarn over the hook, (yo).

Step 10: Pull the yarn through the chain or stitch. There will now be 4 loops on your hook.

Repeat steps 7 through 10 as many times as you need to make the correct amount of stitches for the pattern you are following.

Step 11: To finish the cluster stitch; yarn over the hook, (yo).

Step 12: Pull the yarn through all 4 loops on your hook.

The cluster stitch is now complete. 

Crochet Cluster Stitch

An alternative way to crochet the cluster stitch is to follow the above instructions... However, the only difference is to insert the hook into the next chain or stitch instead of the same chain or stitch. 

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