The Crochet Supplies
You Need to Get Started!

Lesson #1

If you are a beginner to crochet and need to know which crochet supplies are necessary to get started, you came to the right place.

If you are confused by all of the yarn and crochet hook choices being sold in stores this lesson will take the guesswork out of what to purchase.

 Right and Left Hand Crochet Video Tutorial 

The great thing about crochet is its affordability. The only supplies you need to get started are the right crochet hook, a beginner yarn and a pair of scissors made for crochet.

 Review of Supplies 

1. Crochet Hook

  • The best crochet hook to purchase when first learning how to crochet is a size I-9 hook. Now many feel that a size H-8 crochet hook is best, but I recommend an I-9 hook because of the comfort if provides and the bigger stitches it creates.
  • Do not start out with a plastic or a wooden hook because the yarn does not glide well over these types of hooks. However, these types of hooks are fantastic for more advanced crocheters.
  • Do start out with an aluminum hook. This type of hook is great for beginners and is very affordable!

2. Yarn

  • Having the correct crochet supplies is very important, and yarn is a must. Choose a yarn that is solid in color, and make sure you stay away from a multicolored yarn because the stitches will be very difficult to distinguish when first learning how to crochet.
  • Choose a color that is light or bright in color. Again you want to be able to see your stitches.
  • Purchase a worsted weight yarn made of acrylic or wool fibers. There should be a picture of the number four on the label if you are unsure.
  • Any brand of yarn should be fine, but if you are still unsure what to buy go out and purchase Red Heart. This is a very affordable yarn and it is easy to work with.

3. Pair of Scissors

  • Purchase a pair of scissors that are small and have a sharp point. This type of scissor is made for crafts like crochet.

Tip: The crochet hook, yarn and pair of scissors just discussed in this lesson are supplies meant for the newbie.

There will be more crochet materials you will want to add to your collection at a later date, but for now these items will have you crocheting like a pro in no time.

After you get the supplies you need, make sure to join me for Lesson #2: "How to Hold a Crochet Hook"

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