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Learn how to Half Double Crochet

Lesson #10

The half double crochet is a stitch that is fun and easy to learn, and it looks great in hats and headbands because of its snug stitching. The abbreviation for this stitch is (hdc).

Follow the lesson below to learn the first two rows of this stitch. After you learn the first two rows you should be able to accomplish however many rows you like without any problems.

 Half Double - First Row 

Foundation Chain: To learn this stitch start by chaining 20, (ch 20). 

Step 1: Yarn over the hook, (yo). 

Step 2: Place your hook into the 3rd chain from your hook.

Tip: When placing the half double stitch into the foundation chain, you will always want to place this stitch into the 3rd chain from your hook. You will end up with the original 2 loops over the hook with the 3rd loop from the chain.

Another Tip: Always enter your hook into the top loop of the chain unless the pattern you are following requires something different. 

Step 3: Yarn over the hook, (yo).

Step 4: Draw the yarn through the chain. You will now have 3 loops on your hook.

Step 5: Yarn over the hook, (yo).

Step 6: Draw the yarn through all 3 loops on your hook.

Congratulations you have just completed your first half double stitch! Now continue placing this stitch into the rest of the foundation chain.

 Half Double - Second Row 

Step 1: Chain 2, and turn your work around, (ch 2).

Tip: When using this stitch you will always want to chain 2 when moving up a row. Remember the chain 2 counts as your first stitch and is also considered to be the turning chain.

Step 1: Yarn over the hook, (yo).

Step 2: Place the hook into the second stitch.

Tip: Always skip the first stitch and place your first half double crochet into the second stitch. This is because the turning chain counts as your first stitch.

Tip: The stitch that you will be working in is made up of two strands of yarn.  The stitch looks like the letter 'V'... V = Stitch

Step 3: Yarn over the hook, (yo).

Step 4: Pull or draw the yarn through the stitch. There will now be 3 loops on your hook. 

Repeat steps 5 through 6 from the first row.

The only difference is that you will be crocheting into the stitch rather than the foundation chain.

Tip: When finishing your rows remember to work your last stitch into the turning chain.