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Learn crochet and find great free crochet instructions every beginner should have by following my easy to use step-by-step directions and crochet video tutorials.

If you want to learn how to crochet, need a refresher course, or just looking for some advanced techniques... you came to the right place!

Follow along with the free Crochet Lessons Located Below and become a crocheting pro in no time!

I always try to make all of my lessons and video tutorials fun and easy to use.

It is really important to me to make each lesson valuable. 

I really hope you enjoy my free crochet instructions, and I know they will be worth your time.

crochet lessons in order

Lesson #1

Crochet Tools and Supplies

Before you get started in crochet find out which tools and supplies will make your life easier. It really makes a difference which yarn and hook you use when starting out.

Lesson #2

How to Hold a Crochet Hook

#3. How to Hold Yarn for Crochet

#4. Make a Crochet Slip Knot

#5. Crochet Chain, Learn How it's Done

#6. Learn the Single Crochet Stitch

#7. Change Color in Crochet

#7.5 Finish a Crochet Project

#8 Weave in Yarn Ends

#9 Learn the Double Crochet Stitch

#10 Learn How to Half Double Crochet

#11 Learn the Treble/Triple Crochet Stitch

*Important--Please Read if you are Left Handed*

If you are a beginner to crochet and your dominant hand is left... this course is also for you. All of the crochet lessons include a left hand video demonstration, and all of the written instructions come with left hand pictures.

So no more feeling left out because you're a lefty - no pun intended!


"I am so happy that you have decided to learn the great craft of crochet! Thank you for allowing me to join and guide you along your journey!"

-Bobbie Thomson of Crochet Guru

 What are These Crochet Lessons About? 

These crochet instructions and video tutorials begin by teaching you the very basics of crochet.

The lessons start off simple. They begin with explaining the exact supplies every beginner to crochet needs, and then will guide you through a more fundamental crochet training.

The lessons will guide you through the process at a pace you will be able to follow and by the time you are finished you will be able to accomplish the basics of crochet.

After you learn the basic crochet skills and stitches... it will be time for you to follow the crochet stitch guide which is located on the navigation bar. There you will learn more intermediate and advanced crochet stitch techniques.

All of my courses have a training video with written instructions, and I work hard to provide descriptive pictures with all of the instructions.

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