Weave in Yarn Ends!
Lesson #8

Learn how to weave in yarn ends so that your finished crochet project looks spectacular!

If you are worried about your crochet project unraveling, or if you're like me and hate looking at those tail ends of yarn sticking out of your work... Follow this video lesson or scroll down for the step by step written tutorial and you will see how easy it is to hide your loose yarn ends and make your project last!

Right Hand: Crochet Video Tutorial

Left Hand: Crochet Video Tutorial

Add a Yarn Needle to Your Crochet Supplies! 

Now is the time to add a yarn needle to your crochet supply kit. A yarn needle is a needle with a big eye and a blunt point. It is ideal for weaving in yarn and makes a great addition to your crochet supplies.

If you don't have the needle right now there is no need to worry... just go out and get one when you can. 

For now just use your crochet hook, but make sure to weave the tail ends of yarn in and out, and back and forth throughout your project.   You learn how to do this with the easy instructions located in the video (above) or the written tutorial (below). This will ensure that those yarn ends won't start sticking out again.

When working with the yarn needle weave the tail end of yarn in and out of your projects crochet stitches. Not only do you want to weave in and out of the stitches, but also make sure to weave back and forth throughout the same stitches. This will help keep those ends from falling back out. 

Picture = Step 1: Weave the yarn ends through the stitches on the top of your project.

Picture = Step 2: Weave the yarn ends through the middle of your

project for a more secure hold.

Tip: In the video tutorial I demonstrate how to weave loose yarn ends through the entire stitch, but another great way to do this is by only weaving the ends through half the stitch instead of the whole thing. You may feel this will work better and stay in tighter in the long run.

Practice using both examples and you will find what works best for you!

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