Crochet Double Loop Stitch

The crochet double loop stitch is a really super cool stitch... and yes I said super cool!!!

The reason why this stitch is so amazing is because it adds great texture and a whole lot of character to your project. I promise that once you learn this stitch you will look like a crochet expert! 

The double loop stitch can be a more challenging stitch to master but please do not let that word intimidate you. All you need is the correct grip and a little practice and you will have this stitch mastered in no time! 

The double loop stitch has no abbreviation. However, many crochet designers have their own abbreviations for this stitch and it should show in their pattern details. 

 How to make the double loop stitch 

Step 1: Crochet your foundation chain and any stitches that you need according to the pattern you are following.

Below Demonstration: Chain 15, Row 1: sc across, Row 2: 3 sc.

Step 2: Position the yarn around your index finger. Make sure the working strand of yarn is over the top of your index finger and on the inside of your hand (palm side).

Step 3: Wrap the yarn around your index finger.

Step 4: Wrap the yarn around your index finger a second time. It will now look like you have 3 loops on your index finger. 

Step 5: Insert your hook into the next stitch.

Step 6: Yarn over the hook from the top of the yarn, (yo). 

Tip: Normally when you crochet you would yarn over the hook from the bottom of the yarn, grab the yarn from the top with your hook, and then bring it into the stitch... but when crocheting the double loop stitch you will need to yarn over the hook in the opposite direction.

Step 7: After you yarn over from the top of the yarn, insert your hook into all 3 loops on your index finger. 

Step 8: Pull or draw all 3 loops through the stitch. 

There will now be 4 loops on your hook.

Step 9: Yarn over the working strand of yarn. This is also the last strand or loop that is on your index finger.

Step 10: Pull or draw the yarn through all 4 loops on your hook. 

Your crochet double loop stitch is now complete!