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If you are looking for easy to follow beginner and advanced crochet lessons, video tutorials, fun and unique patterns, helpful abbreviations, and useful tips... 

Stop and Look no further because you came to the right place!! All of these things are right here in this website and waiting for you to make use of.

All of the lessons on this website are easy to follow and they are all in an order that makes sense to the beginner.

The lessons come with clear written instructions, and all of the instructions have clear, bright, and colorful pictures.

It doesn't stop there... the greatest thing about this website is that each lesson comes with a right and left handed video tutorial! Trust me... watching a video demonstration makes it so much easier to learn, especially with an art that can be somewhat intricate!

I always try to bring unique and fun crochet patterns to this website, and my goal is to always be updating this site with new and exciting patterns on a regular basis.

All of the patterns that I create for this website come with helpful pictures, abbreviation guides, and stitch explanations. I also try to add extra side note descriptions so that everything in my patterns are made more clear.

The lessons and video tutorials in this website come with helpful and more importantly useful tips. I try to make each tip important, and there job is to add value to your learning experience.

When there is something that needs clarification in a lesson or video... That is where I will usually see a need to place a tip. The tips in each lesson really do make it easier to learn crochet.

This website is constantly being updated with new patterns, lessons, video tutorials, and tips. The goal for this website is to not just add more pages, but to actually be adding more valuable content instead. 

So don't worry because with the ever expanding growth of this site you will always be able to find more!

I also want to make this site interactive... so if you have any questions, comments, or ways to improve this site I would love to hear from you! There is a comment box located at the bottom of each pattern and lesson page so please take advantage of this great feature.

If you are a more private person please feel free to contact me using my Contact Me page!

I am always looking for ways to improve this site and bring you valuable content, so again please use the comment boxes if you have any great ideas!

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