Crochet Guru Favorites List

Check out my - Crochet Guru favorites list - I only use this page to post my absolute favorite crochet items of all time! If you are looking for something fun or just a fabulous gift for a crochet lover, you have come to the right spot.

I list beautiful and unique crochet items that inspire me, and I hope these items inspire you as well. 

Crochet Guru Favorites List

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Furls Capricorn Zodiac Crochet Hooks

Wow... I am in love with these crochet hooks by Furls. I don't know if it is because my sign is Capricorn, but I absolutely love these!

These crochet hooks have a beautiful translucent sage green base with swirls and shimmers of light green and gold. These hooks feature a unique ergonomic design ideal for pencil and knife grip holds.

The Capricorn set is my favorite!

Capricorn Streamline Zodiac

They have a different color for every zodiac sign (birth month). I aim to get the whole zodiac set - one month (color) per hook size!!

Click Here to View or Purchase this Capricorn Zodiac Crochet Hook Set

Here are some more examples of these amazing zodiac crochet hooks:

Sagittarius Streamline Zodiac


Jupiter Streamline Galaxy


Virgo Streamline Resin


Annie's Caring Crochet Kit Club

This crochet kit club is both unique and special because when you sign up for a monthly crochet kit, you also sign up for a charitable cause. 

Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club is a monthly kit subscription that includes all the instructions, patterns, and yarn you need to make projects like chemo caps for cancer patients, blankets for seriously ill and traumatized children. These projects make a real difference in people’s lives.

Every month you’ll have a chance to impact the lives of others by donating your handmade project to those in need of warmth and kindness.

Click Here to View or Purchase Your Monthly Subscription to Annie's Caring Kit Club