The Ultimate Crochet Resource Guide

Discover the best resources for crocheting with this comprehensive ultimate crochet resource guide. From tips and tricks to helpful charts and lists, this guide is the perfect companion for any crocheter who wants to take their craft to the next level.

The Ultimate Crochet Resource Guide

Crochet Abbreviations Master List

Crochet abbreviations are shortened names for crochet stitches, and they are also used for actions that need to be taken in a pattern. Using abbreviations makes writing and following a crochet pattern much easier without having to write out or read out every word. Click here to learn more about crochet abbreviations.


Crochet Glossary Master List

This crochet glossary master list will define all crochet terms in alphabetical order. A glossary helps you understand technical meanings, and this collection of crochet words will help you improve your understanding of crochet patterns and projects. Click here to find the crochet glossary list.


Crochet Stitch Dictionary

Do you want to take your crochet projects to the next level but need help knowing where to start? This comprehensive stitch dictionary gives you all the information and instruction you need to create beautiful and intricate crochet patterns. Learn how to make basic crochet stitches and complex ones using step-by-step instructions. Click here for the crochet stitch dictionary.


Crochet Hook Size Chart

The size of a crochet hook correlates with the size or weight of the yarn. Crochet patterns will recommend a hook size to help you make the pattern as close to the original design as possible. Use this chart to compare or convert one measurement system to another. Click here to learn more about hook sizes.


Standard Yarn Weight Chart

Yarn comes in various thicknesses, and these thicknesses are organized into categories that are called weights.  Use this chart to find the recommended hook sizes for each yarn weight. Click here to learn more about yarn weights.


Crochet Symbols Explained

Crochet patterns are sometimes charted in symbols instead of written down in words. Being able to read a crochet symbol chart will open your options when working on patterns, and this guide will help you understand how to read crochet symbol charts. Click here to learn more about crochet symbols.


Yarn Care Symbols

Yarn care symbols are universal symbols that indicate how to take care of the yarn you are using. They provide instructions on proper cleaning, drying, and storing the yarn so that it lasts longer and looks better. By following these symbols, crocheters can ensure their projects will stay in good condition for a long time.


The Ultimate Hat Sizing Guide

Find the perfect fit for your crochet hats! With this hat sizing guide, you can quickly determine the correct size hat for you or the person you are making the hat for. It covers all standard sizes from toddler to adult so that you can find the best fit every time. Click here to learn more on how to make a perfect fitting crocheted hat.


Crochet Blanket Sizing Guide

Need help determining what size crochet blanket to make? This guide provides helpful advice on blanket sizing to create the perfect blanket for every occasion. Learn tips and tricks for measuring and creating the perfect crochet blanket.