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Learn How to Crochet Lessons 

have carefully designed these learn how to crochet lessons and have prepared them for the absolute beginning crocheter. I have been teaching crochet for over fifteen years and, through trial and error, have discovered the tools and techniques that work best for those just starting crochet.

What sets these lessons apart from other crochet lessons:

  • To make the learning process as simple as possible - I  list the exact tools and items you will need to get started in crochet and be successful.
  • Crochet techniques and fundamentals – These lessons will guide you through basic crochet techniques while teaching you the fundamentals of creating stitches.
  • Detailed instructions with clear photographs and videos – These crochet lessons will provide more instructions, videos, and photographs than the average lessons.

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After you buy the book, follow these crochet lessons, and I will guide you through your exciting journey of learning how to crochet!

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Please Enjoy these Learn How to Crochet Lessons

Supplies Needed To Start Crocheting

In this lesson, you will learn what yarn, hook, tapestry needle, and scissors to purchase to begin your crocheting journey! Even though the beginner supply list is short, purchasing the correct crocheting supplies is necessary to get you started on the right foot. 

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How to Hold a Crochet Hook

It is essential to learn how to hold a crochet hook the correct way. This lesson will discuss the different holding methods used by most crocheters. This lesson will also cover the parts of a crochet hook and why it is essential to know them.

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How to Hold the Yarn

In this lesson, you will learn several popular methods of holding yarn for crochet. The holding methods may seem strange or awkward initially, but they will help the yarn glide through your hands more quickly as you crochet.

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How to Make a Slip Knot

There are a variety of ways to attach yarn to a crochet hook and start a project, but a slip knot is the most fundamental way to attach yarn and begin a project. Once you master the slip knot, you will be ready to make your first set of stitches.

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How to Yarn Over

In these learn how to crochet lessons, you will learn how to "yarn over." A yarn over is made before starting a stitch. This means you will wrap the yarn around your crochet hook a certain way to make crochet chains and stitches. A yarn over is important because it gives crochet stitches their height.  

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How to Make a Foundation Chain

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a chain stitch and a foundation chain. The foundation chain is the base for building up more crochet stitches. 

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How to Single Crochet

In this lesson, you will learn how to single crochet. The single crochet stitch is the most fundamental. If you master this stitch first, it will be easier to master more challenging stitches later.

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How to Fasten Off a Crochet Project

This lesson will teach you how to fasten off your crochet project so your beautiful crochet work is safe and secure. 

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How to Weave in Yarn Ends

When you have finished your single crochet swatch, you need to weave in the yarn ends. If you learn to weave in the yarn ends correctly, you will not have loose yarn strands sticking out from your project.

Click here for crochet lesson #9


How to Half Double Crochet

In this lesson, you will learn how to do the half double crochet stitch. This stitch is slightly taller than a single crochet stitch. A half double crochet stitch produces a neat and tight fabric similar to a single crochet stitch.

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How to Double Crochet 

This crochet lesson will teach you how to make the double crochet stitch. Double crochet is the second most common stitch, which is more relaxed than the single crochet stitch. The double crochet is used in many projects, such as scarfs, hats, and shawls. 

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How to Triple Crochet

In this crochet lesson, you will learn how to make the triple crochet stitch. The triple crochet is a tall stitch that creates wide spaces, producing a loose fabric. The triple crochet stitch can also be called the treble crochet.

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Where do I go next?

After you learn the basic crochet skills and stitches, it will be time to follow the crochet stitch guide, which is also located on the navigation bar. The crochet stitch guide will teach you more intermediate and advanced crochet stitches and techniques.