How to Make a Crochet Chain Stitch

How to Make a Crochet Chain Stitch: How to Crochet Lesson #6

Learn how to make a crochet chain stitch in this crochet lesson #6.

Chain Stitch
A chain stitch is the first and most fundamental stitch you are taught when learning how to crochet.

The Purpose of a Chain Stitch
Chain stitches form the foundation or base for building up more crochet stitches. A series of chain stitches can be used to make foundation chains, turning chains, and bridges between stitches. I will discuss the foundation and turning chains in detail shortly.


Chain Abbreviation

The abbreviation for chain is (ch). If you read a crochet pattern that says to (ch), you need to make one chain. If you read a pattern that says to (ch 6), you need to make six chains.


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How to Make a Chain Stitch

Step #1: Start by making a slip knot.


Step #2: Place the slip knot onto the shaft of the hook.


Step #3: Position the working yarn into your "yarn hand" using your preferred holding style.


Step #4: Hold the tail end of the slip knot with your "yarn hand" by pulling the tail lightly between your thumb and middle finger.


Step #5: Yarn over.


Step #6: Pull the yarn through the loop on your hook.


You have now made your first chain stitch.

Tips for Making the Chain Stitch

The chain stitch is a fundamental crochet technique for various projects to create a base row. When you master the chain stitch, you can learn and apply other techniques and stitching patterns. Here are tips to help you get started with the chain stitch.

Begin with the basics

The chain stitch offers versatility through its simplicity. To get started, you need a crochet hook and yarn. First, make a slip knot and secure it on the hook. Yarn over and pull the working yarn through the loop on the hook to make a new loop. Repeat the process to create as many chains as you need for your project.

Regular practice is invaluable

Like any discipline, scheduling regular practice for your crochet skills can improve your proficiency. Create a schedule to practice the chain stitch daily or after every other day. Experiment with different yarn types and colors to make unique and inspiring projects as you become comfortable with the stitch.


When counting stitches, you usually don't include the slip knot or the loop on your hook in your foundation chain calculations. Start counting from the first chain stitch you create, and stop at the chain right before the hook.

Keep tension even

It's all about practice, and your hands require repetition to master new techniques. Over time, you'll find that your chain stitches become smooth, consistent, and not overly tight.

Tailor to your style

Every crocheter has a unique way of holding yarn and positioning the hook. The given instructions are just one example of how it can be done. If that method doesn't suit you well, modify your approach to match your preferences.

Don't hesitate to switch hooks

 Working with cotton or other non-elastic yarns may require using a larger crochet hook for the foundation chain than you plan to use for the remainder of the project. If you notice that your foundation chain is disproportionally tight compared to the initial rows of stitches, think about restarting with a larger hook for the chain.

This adjustment is only sometimes needed with stretchy fibers like wool. Experiment with a small swatch to determine what works best for your project.

Learn new stitching techniques

As soon as you master the chain stitch, learn other stitching techniques and patterns to elevate your crochet skills. Popular stitching techniques include the single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and half-double crochet stitch. Various techniques create different patterns and textures in your work, which include the shell stitch, popcorn stitch, and picot stitch.

Patience is key

Crochet provides a pleasant and relaxing hobby; however, it takes patience and regular practice to master it. Don't feel discouraged if your initial projects don't turn out perfectly. Keep up with practice and learning; you will quickly create intricate and beautiful crochet items.

Have fun!

Moreover, remember to have fun with the process when learning how to crochet. Don't stress about making everything perfect. You learn from every project, and practice makes perfect. Enjoy creating beautiful and unique items with your hands!

To Do List: How to Make a Crochet Chain Stitch

1. Follow the instructions given in this lesson and practice making a chain stitch.

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