Learn How to Single Crochet on the Second Row

How to Single Crochet On the Second Row: Crochet Lesson #9

Learn how to single crochet on the second row in this crochet lesson #9.

Are you a beginner crocheter struggling to single crochet on the second row? Fear not, my dear friends! In this crochet lesson #9, I will teach you the ins and outs of mastering this technique. Single crochet is one of the most fundamental stitches in crochet, and once you learn how to do it on the second row, you'll be able to create all sorts of beautiful and intricate crochet patterns.

But let's be honest. Single crocheting on the second row can be tricky, and it's more complex than repeating the same steps as the first row. Make sure to focus on stitch placement and tension, and with a bit of patience and practice, you'll be a pro in no time!

If you haven't made your first row of single crochet stitches yet, read and follow my Lesson #8 - Learn How to Single Crochet.


If you followed lesson #8 - How to Single Crochet, you should already have a foundation row of single crochet stitches - 18 across to be exact. You can start with any number of single crochet stitches, but you need to have a foundation row of stitches ready.

Before Making the Second Row of Crochet Stitches You will Need to Turn Your Crochet Project of Fabric Around.

Why Turn a Crochet Project or Fabric?

After you finish a row of crochet stitches, you will need to turn your crochet project/fabric around to start a new row of stitches. After you turn your work around, you can then continue to crochet on the opposite side of the fabric.

How to Turn a Crochet Project or Fabric:

1. Do not remove the last loop from your hook.

2. Turn/flip the completed row around, so the other side of your fabric is now facing you. The loop on your hook will now be closest to your hook hand.

3. The yarn should still be placed at the back of your project.

Always Ch 1 for the Turning Chain When Single Crocheting in Rows

To begin the second and following rows of single crochet stitches, you need to chain one (ch 1). This “chain one” is the turning chain, and it will bring the following single crochet stitches up to the correct height.



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Which Loop or Loops of the SC Stitch Do I Insert My Hook Into to Make the Second and Following Rows of Single Crochet Stitches?

After you finish your first row of single crochet stitches, you will notice that the top of a single crochet stitch is made up of two loops: the front loop (the loop closest to you) and the back loop (the loop furthest from you). This stitch looks like the letter V.

When crocheting the second and following rows of single crochet stitches, you will need to insert your crochet hook under both the front and back loop.


Make the Second Row of Single Crochet Stitches

To Make the Second Row of Single Crochet Stitches:

  • Make or have your first row of 18 single crochet stitches ready (18 sc).
  • Turn your work around.
  • Chain one (ch 1).

Step #1: Insert your hook into the next stitch (both the front and the back loop).


Step #2: Yarn over the hook (yo).


Step #3: Draw up a loop (pull the "yarn over" (yo) through the stitch).


Step #4: There will now be two loops on your hook.


Step #5: Yarn over the hook (yo).


Step #6: Draw through the two loops that are on your hook.


Step #7: The single crochet stitch (sc) is now complete on the second row.


Step #8: Continue to work a single crochet stitch into each stitch across the row.


Important Note: Count your single crochet stitches after each row is made. There should be a total of 18 stitches on each row. If your count is off, you may have either dropped or skipped a stitch. If this happens, take apart the row you just made and start again. This may seem tedious, but you will become a better crocheter if you do this.

What is a Crochet Swatch?

A crochet swatch is a small, crocheted square piece of fabric usually made up of 15-30 stitches. 

I encourage you to create your own single crochet swatch, as it serves as a perfect platform for your initial crochet project. By working on a single crochet swatch, you can refine your stitching abilities while greatly enhancing your tension control and consistency.


To Do List: How to Single Crochet on the Second Row

1. Make a single crochet swatch by following the steps in this lesson.

2. Your finished single crochet swatch should have 18 stitches across and 20 rows going down.

Great Job! You Finished Lesson #9 - How to Make a Single Crochet on the Second Row

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