Crochet Stitch Dictionary

This crochet stitch dictionary will discuss crochet stitches in more detail and will go over the most common stitches used in crochet patterns. A crochet stitch dictionary is excellent for any beginner or experienced crocheter. It provides a comprehensive list of all types of crochet stitches, detailed instructions, and diagrams on executing them. 


The Crochet Stitch Dictionary

I will make a page and video for each stitch listed in this dictionary. Make sure to come back and check for updates.

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Afghan Stitch

The afghan stitch is a basic crochet stitch shaped like little squares with a vertical bar lying across the top of each square. The afghan stitch requires a special hook called an afghan hook, which features a stopper at the end to hold stitches in place.

Berry Stitch

A crochet berry stitch is a technique that can be used to create bauble-like shapes in your crocheted projects that resemble tiny berries. A berry stitch is made by chaining three stitches and then inserting the hook into the next stitch. After that, yarn over and pull through the stitch. Now yarn over again and pull the yarn through the two loops on the hook before continuing with your pattern.

Blanket Stitch

A Crochet blanket stitch uses a decorative pattern that can create a textured look for a blanket. It typically involves working a series of stitches, such as single or double crochets, into a row or round of a previous stitch pattern to create a raised, textured surface. The resulting fabric has a warm feel and is often used to make blankets, scarves, and other cozy accessories.

Bobble Stitch

The bobble crochet stitch is a unique and eye-catching stitch that will add texture and dimension to your crocheted projects. It consists of a series of clusters of stitches that are worked in the same stitch or round, creating a raised texture.

Chevron Stitch

A chevron stitch is a zig-zag pattern that is made up of repeating V-shapes. The chevron stitch pattern looks like waves or ripples because of the increasing and decreasing stitches.

Cluster Stitch

A crochet cluster stitch is made up of several unfinished stitches that are worked together and then finished with a single crochet stitch. To make a cluster stitch, make several unfinished double crochet stitches and place them into the same stitch. To complete the cluster, yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook. Finally, finish off the cluster stitch with a single crochet stitch.

Crocodile Stitch

The crocodile stitch is a unique crocheting technique that adds a distinctive texture to your projects. To create this stitch, begin with v-stitches and then double crochet several stitches in each v-stitch post, making the crocodile scales. To space out the scales, use single crochet stitches, and continue to create the crocodile scales in the posts of the v-stitches.

Cross Stitch

A crochet cross stitch is an embroidery technique that uses a crochet hook to create a textured stitch that resembles a small cross-stitch. The method often adds texture to the fabric and creates decorative patterns. It is also popular for making small items like jewelry, keychains, and other accessories. It is a versatile technique that can be used for many different projects.

Fan Stitch

A crochet fan stitch is a type of stitch that creates a fan-shaped design. It is often used in crochet projects such as blankets, shawls, and scarves to add texture and visual interest. To make a crochet fan stitch, you typically work multiple stitches into the same stitch or space, creating a cluster of stitches that radiate outwards in the shape of a fan. This stitch can be performed using various crochet techniques and styles and can be customized to achieve different levels of complexity and intricacy.

French Knot

Crochet French knots are a unique type of embroidery stitch that can add depth and texture to your work. They are created by wrapping the thread around the hook and then pulling the hook through the fabric. The end result is a small, three-dimensional knot that adds much visual interest to your work. These knots can be used as an accent or to fill an area with texture, and they are a great way to add dimensionality to your crochet projects.

Loop Stitch

A crochet loop stitch is a unique stitch commonly used in crocheting projects. It is created by making a loop with the yarn and then pulling additional loops through it to create a chain stitch. This process is repeated to create a series of chain stitches that form a loop. This loop can then be worked into other stitches to create patterns and textures. Crochet loop stitch is popular in many types of crochet work, including blankets, scarves, and clothing items. It is also commonly used in amigurumi, crocheted stuffed animals, and dolls.

Love Knot

Crocheting a love knot is a beautiful way to add texture to your crochet projects. To crochet, a love knot, start by making a slipknot and chaining one. Next, you'll yarn over, insert your hook into the first chain stitch, and then pull up a loop. From there, you'll yarn over again and pull through one loop to create a chain stitch. Keep repeating the process until you have the desired number of stitches. Finally, you'll slip stitch into the first chain stitch to close the round.

Picot Stitch

The crochet picot stitch is a decorative technique commonly used in crocheting. It consists of creating a small loop on the edge of the work and securing it with a slip stitch. This technique adds texture and creates decorative edging on various projects, such as blankets, scarves, and hats. The picot stitch is often combined with other stitches to create intricate and beautiful patterns.

Popcorn Stitch

In crochet, a popcorn stitch is a technique used to create a raised bump on the fabric. It is made by working multiple stitches into one stitch or space and then pulling the loop through all of them to create a puffy ball shape. The popcorn stitch can add texture and dimension to a crochet project and is often used in patterns for blankets, hats, and other accessories.

Puff Stitch

Crochet puff stitch is a popular technique that involves creating raised stitches on a crochet fabric. The puff stitch is made by working multiple stitches into the same stitch on the previous row or round. Once completed, the stitch will resemble a small, puffy ball. This stitch is commonly used in various crochet projects, from afghans and blankets to sweaters and scarves.

Shell Stitch

The crochet shell stitch is beautiful and versatile, creating a lovely scalloped edge. It's perfect for blankets, scarves, and other accessories. You'll need to know basic crochet stitches like chains and double crochets to work the stitch. Once you've got those down, you can easily create stunning shell stitch patterns in various colors and yarn weights.


Crochet V-stitch is a type of crochet stitch that creates a V-shape design. To make this stitch, you will work two double crochet stitches into the same stitch, followed by a chain stitch, then two more double crochet stitches into the same stitch. This creates the V-shape design that gives the stitch its name. The V-stitch can create various patterns, such as blankets, scarves, and clothing.

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