Change Color in Crochet 

Lesson #7

Always remember... when you change color in crochet at the beginning or end of a row you never have to tie off, or place a slip knot anywhere in your project.

Changing yarn color is much easier than you realize, and this lesson will show you how it's done!!!

Scroll down for written instructions on how to change yarn color.

 How to Change Color in Crochet 

Tip: I am using the single crochet stitch in this demonstration, but remember the guidelines are the same for any crochet stitch that you use.

Step 1: When changing color at the beginning or end of a row you never want to complete the last stitch. Instead you will want to work your last stitch to the last two loops on your hook. Remember this goes for any other stitch used as well!

Left Hand: Crochet Pictures

Right Hand: Crochet Pictures

Step 2: Fold the new yarn color in half by leaving 4 to 5 inches of yarn on the tail end.

Step 3: Pinch the two ends together at the top by using your thumb and index finger.

Step 4: Place the new yarn on your hook and pull the new color through the two loops on your hook.

Step 5: Cut the first color's attached strand of yarn leaving 4 to 5 inches of yarn attached.

Step 6: Pull on both the old and new tail ends, or loose strands of yarn to secure the new color into place.

Step 7: Chain 1 with the new color.

Step 8: Turn your work around and hold the loose strands together at the back of your work. Now crochet over the two loose strands 4 to 6 times before cutting the loose strands with your scissors.

Repeat this process when you change to another color.

If you are following along with this lesson...place four more rows of the new color into your dishcloth.

After you place the new rows, follow steps 1 through 8 and change to a new color again.