Crochet Business Opportunites

There are several crochet business opportunities available and before making any big decisions it is best to first educate yourself on the different paths you can take. 

Because there are many avenues to making money with crochet I have decided to make a list of the most popular or profitable markets. I plan to explain in detail each opportunity listed below via a clickable link. 

These links will provide more information and resources to help you develop your business knowledge within your chosen niche.  

Crochet Business Opportunities

1. Craft Shows and Fairs

Craft shows and fairs are destination places where serious crafters and artisans go to sell their handmade goods. Both craft shows and fairs are wonderful events to crochet for money, in fact the first crocheted items I ever sold was at a craft show.

2. Sell Crochet Patterns Online

Selling crochet patterns online increases your presence within the marketplace and gives you the ability to branch out and make more money. If you have a talent for pattern design; Etsy, Craftsy, and Raverly are just some of the online stores who cater to crochet pattern designers.

3. Sell Crocheted Items Online

Selling finished crocheted items online is a very popular and emerging crochet business opportunity. So if you don’t have a knack for pattern designing there are plenty of freelance designers on and off the internet who create wonderful crochet patterns… and most don't mind if you use their patterns to develop your inventory. Just make sure to provide credit to the pattern designer to ensure proper business etiquette. 

4. Create Youtube Videos

If you decide to develop and create videos for Youtube, with patience and perseverance you can eventually join the Youtube Partner Program. By joining this program you will gain the opportunity to monetize your videos with advertisements.

5. Website or Blog

Starting, creating and developing your own website or blog can be highly effective because so many people have access to the internet. This provides you with a platform to develop and create your desired niche into a powerful money making business.

6. Teach Crochet Classes

If you want to stay away from the online world but feel that you would be great at instructing people, craft and hobby stores are always looking for people to teach classes. However, if you decide to teach crochet classes from home then it might be a good idea to have a webpage so that people can search, find and refer to your business.   

7. Write Crochet eBooks

If you have a great idea for a crochet book why not turn it into an eBook (electronic book) instead. The benefits of doing this will only cost you the time you put into writing it. You also have more publishing options and avenues for exposure.

8. Consignment Shops

Selling your crocheted items on consignment means you supply the shop with your crocheted goods and in return you get a percentage of what they can sell your item for. This is a good way to get your goods into a stable brick and mortar store without having to shell out money to start one up for yourself.

9. Magazine Designer

To get into a magazine you first need to submit your idea, pattern, or completed project to a reputable crochet magazine.  They are always on the lookout for the next great thing… and seasonal items are always popular. The nice thing about designing crochet patterns for magazines is that you will reach a wider audience.

10. Crochet Pattern Tester

There are plenty of crochet designers looking for pattern testers; just make sure to read up on the designer’s requirements before jumping in. Many of these designers even require a formal application.

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